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Your Home on the Horizon

The last step in the Path to Home Ownership™ program is to learn all about the home buying process.

Let’s review.  You have now built your financial foundation.  You have added the middle of your financial house and learned everything there is to know to position yourself as a strong buyer in today’s changing market. Now, we are going to add the roof to your financial house by learning all the steps of the home buying process.

You will learn about:

  • Short Sales v. Foreclosures
  • Townhomes v. Condos
  • Single Family
  • HOAs (a.k.a-Homeowner’s Associations)
  • Resale v. New Build

And also:

  • What to look for in a home
  • Down Payments v. Seller Help
  • How to structure your offer
  • Narrowing down your home search

Your Financial Roof is the last part of the 3-part rotating seminar series in the Path to Home Ownership™ program. Seminars are held the third month of every quarter. This gives you the opportunity to meet me in person as well as some of the other people on our team.  Just as all attorneys or hair stylists or (insert profession here) are not the same, all realtors are not created equal.  I will help you learn how to make sure you a working with the right agent for you even if that means that you don’t work with me.  My goal is to help cause your success in building your entire Financial House and get further down the Path to Home Ownership™.  And besides, we are likely to become besties after completing this program!

Are you ready to jump ahead?

You can complete the Path to Home Ownership™ program over time, as designed, OR you can skip ahead and complete all of this in a week or two to get you into your home faster.  If you are ready to move forward now, complete the Ready to Buy Survey and send an email to and let us know that you want to do the condensed version of the Path to Home Ownership™ program; we will hook you up!

Questions? Call 717.963.0016 or email