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The Magic of Mortage Readiness

Now that you have your financial foundation built, let’s build your financial middle.  This is the second step in the Path to Home Ownership™ program.

Every person’s needs and financial situation are different. Building your financial middle is discovering what the best loan options are for you when you are ready to purchase your home.  It is important to learn what type of loans are available for your specific needs and what you need to do to qualify for them.

In addition to learning about the various types of home loans, we want you to have the opportunity to also discover what grants you may potentially qualify for. There are many options available in Central PA for first time home buyers and our job is to help you find all of the money that you can.

Since we have also worked with you to build your financial foundation we are going to be clear on what your specific financial needs are and work together with our preferred mortgage lenders as part of this process.

So what does building your financial middle actually look like?

As part of our Path to Home Ownership™ seminar series, we offer a rotating seminar on all things mortgage-related.  These seminars are held the second month of every quarter. This gives you a time to meet an actual mortgage lender, learn about all of the various types of loan programs, and to work with that lender on completing a credit application.  This application is NOT a commitment to use that particular lender nor an obligation to actually purchase a home.  It IS a critical piece of building your financial middle to identify any potential credit issues, to understand what your credit score really is (not what Credit Karma says it is) and to tackle any potential concerns head on.

Our preferred lenders will give you tips and tricks on working your credit and, if needed, can refer you to a reputable credit repair counselor.  This will also help narrow down your loan options as many of them are directly dependent on what range your credit score falls.

You will learn all about interest rates and what your likely personal interest rate will be (yes, interest rates are based on the individual).

Are you ready to get started with a preferred lender today?

There is absolutely no reason to wait for a seminar if you prefer to move forward now.  Click here for a list of lender partners.  After choosing one you can follow their personalized link to complete the credit application online.

Questions? Call 717.963.0016 or email