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Laying the Financial Foundation

The Path to Home Ownership™ program is going to help you build two different types of houses.  Unlike the actual home that you are buying, the financial house has many different layers (see diagram).

Many of these layers can be built simultaneously and some of them may come after the actual purchase of your new home. So while the overall financial house that you will build over your lifetime looks like the diagram to the right, your Financial Foundation is going have these key elements:

1) Clear Budget               

2) Clear Goals

3) Debt Stacking Program

4) Step-by-Step Outline to Reach Home Ownership

The Path to Home Ownership™ offers a rotating seminar series every quarter.  The first month of the quarter always features a workshop specific to building your financial house.  This workshop will help you identify your budget needs vs. wants as well as your personalized financial goals.

At the workshop you will then be connected to myself or another financial representative to meet one-on-one for an in-depth financial analysis.  You will complete our financial survey ahead of time so that we can have the outline of your financial foundation ready for you to take it home and begin marking off the steps as you complete it. This plan is invaluable!

Ready to get started now?  Just complete the online financial survey and then email to let me know you completed it.

A Personal Story

Wonder how a Path to Home Ownership™ began? It began with my own personal path to home ownership and building my financial foundation so that one day I also can have a full financial house.  My partner and I found the process sooo easy and valuable.  We were literally blown away with how our next 1-3 year goals could be reduced to a simple step-by-step plan that we could follow.

When I was a full time financial representative in the past, I found it easy to help other people outline their financial goals, but when it came time to my own it was like my knowledge base didn’t even exist!?! I had never seen such an easy plan to reaching my goals in my life and my partner went to work the next day and told everyone he knew about it.  Why?  Because creating this financial plan is FREE! Sure, if you decide further into your journey to open a retirement account or to invest in insurance our partners may make some money, but this puts clients first and that stole my heart.

Even if you aren’t ready to buy a house you absolutely must take advantage of this process.  You and your family will gain so much clarity and who knows, when you are a bit further along your financial foundation journey, you just may ask for our help in taking the next step in the Path to Home Ownership™ program. 

Questions? Call 717.963.0016 or email