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Path to Home Ownership

Path to Home Ownership™ is an exclusive program by The Casner Group at Coldwell Banker Realty. As more and more millennials are entering the real estate market, it is more important than ever to provide the education and tools necessary to help you balance your unique concerns (student debt, lack of savings, etc).

This program has been created to help you navigate these challenges through a holistic approach to home ownership because buying a home is so much more than going out and looking at houses.  Buying a home usually starts months before actually stepping inside of your first potential property, and you need someone who knows how to work the system to help you gain the tools necessary to make your journey a true, long-lasting success.

Where does your journey start? Build your financial house.

The first step is to help you educate yourself on the financial implications of home ownership with tips and tricks to budgeting, saving, and debt stacking.  This is the foundation of your home.

This will help you gain a clear understanding of your current (and future) financial picture so that we know what additional pieces we are working to add.  By participating in our financial analysis, you will accomplish: 1. a plan to eliminate debt, 2. setting realistic financial and retirement goals, and 3. establish a DOABLE and WORKABLE plan to save money for a down payment and home closings costs.

The best part?!? All of this is laid out in an easy to follow step-by-step plan that you can check off as you work through each step. Click here to learn more…

What is the next step? Build the middle of your house.

In conjunction with building your foundation, you want to then build the middle of your financial house by learning about the different types of loans that are available and what would be best for you.

There are several first time home buyer programs and/or grants that you may qualify for. While seller’s are sometimes able to provide assistance with closing costs it is important to build your plan with the most financial girth as possible to provide us flexibility when we are making an offer on a home.  Because this is a low inventory/high demand market, sellers are much more likely to accept an offer that has little to no seller assistance.

Our job is to position you as the strongest buyer that we possibly can, so as you learn about best loan fits for you, we will also work with a preferred mortgage lender to assess how much home you are pre-approved for and how much home you can realistically afford. Click here to learn more…

Final step in your Path to Home Ownership™? Put the roof on.

The roof to your financial house is learning about all the steps involved in buying a home.  Our financial team provides this unique and comprehensive approach to make you a buyer powerhouse.  Through seminars, blogs, and videos we will provide you all of the tools to create successful searches, know what to look for in the structure of a home, and how to fit all of these puzzle pieces together. Click here to learn more…

Building your financial house is absolutely 100% FREE with no obligation to use any additional financial or real estate service.

Some of our clients have asked how we can afford to offer such an in-depth and cohesive experience.  I ask, “How can we not?” Helping you get a better handle on your financial house regardless of whether or not you decide to move forward in buying a home creates a stronger community for all of us.  We are currently experiencing one of the greatest wealth transfers in history between baby boomers and the next generation. Helping you prepare and build your financial house will help create a stronger housing market moving forward.

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