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Next Door Photos Real Estate Photography | The Casner Group


Next Door PhotosB Corporation

Next Door Photos (NDP) is a real estate photography company that empowers realtors,
business owners, and home builders with visual marketing solutions (photos, videos, aerials, floorplans, 3D tours, virtual walk-throughs, twilights, etc)

Recognized as a Certified B-Corporation, NDP has found a way to utilize the power of technology to provide sustainable work for its team of global editing partners. This team is made up of men and women who have been rescued from human trafficking or labour trafficking, as well as other vulnerable people groups.

Each shoot provides a minimum of 4 hours of paid work for NDP’s incredibly talented editors.
Next Door Photos believes deeply in the principle of people over profits, and the goal of the company is to provide work for up to 10,000 editing partners over the next 7 years.

We are excited about partnering with The Casner Group and look forward to both the local and global impact we will create together!

– Mark & Karen